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Can I hire Niall Horan to be my Valentine?

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ed sheeran clearly wants to kill me

Consider it done ..
  • mom: in 10 years you'll look back on how much money you spent on merchandise and concert tickets and you'll say-
  • me: i can't believe i used to have to pay to interact with my husband
  • mom:
  • me:
  • mom: what
  • me: nothing

I really want Ed Sheerans iTunes festival gig downloaded. Does anyone know where I can get it?
Omg how I´ve missed my daily dose of Ed Sheeran. Feels so good to be back!

I´ve been gone for almost a month now bco my exams, and it´s so much fun to come back and see all the notes. I´ll be back stronger than ever when my exams are over. Pinky promise. Lots of love, guys :’)